About Us

We are a flower growing farm located in the Andes. Our goal is to export the finest roses and flowers, locally grown, directly to your doorstep. Either you are a florist or a flower shop, you can create a box that will suit you best for your business. Find the most beautiful flowers the Andes have to offer you in our shop. The most exotic varieties perfect for each occasion can fulfill your costumers dreams and help you create the floral design you always wanted. Our range includes roses, garden roses, anemones, solomio, raffine, ranunculus, etc. Why we are different? You choose the combination of freshly bloomed flowers you want delivered right to your shop. It’s just easy as selecting by our prime flower categories the ones you want to come in a box. You can choose a different combination every single time. Try different varieties and even choose from our pre- selected boxes. In which we carefully made a selection thinking in the different flower artisans can craft the most beautiful arrangements.

Find the best deals on flowers with every purchase. For each purchase earn points that accumulate to buy premium bouquets. We are the only store of bouquets in which you can customize your order to your liking with fast delivery. Enjoy the most sought-after varieties worldwide with just one click Contac us if you have any enquiry at sales@andeanflowers.com our support team will gladly contact you as soon as possible. Our flowers grow over 3000 meters above sea level in the Avenue of the Volcanoes, in the heart of the Andes. Climatic factors, soil, elevation alongside with the non-toxic treatment designed and applied by experts are the reasons why our flowers have long and strong stems, fresh juicy foliage and powerfull natural colors.